RZA Wants Wu-Tang Clan And Rage Against The Machine To Go On Tour Together Again

Back in 1997, Rage Against the Machine and Wu-Tang Clan embarked on an ill-fated US tour together. At some point in the run, Wu-Tang withdrew from the tour after internal conflict, pulling a no-show at a planned concert stop.

Now, with Rage Against the Machine having recently confirmed their reunion, Wu-Tang leader RZA has expressed his excitement about the band reforming, and suggested the two acts should link up once again to finish the tour they started over 20 years ago off properly.

“If the stars line up right, I would love to see, when they finish that Coachella run, to hook up with Wu-Tang and finish that tour we never finished. That’d be crazy. I would love to do that,” RZA tells a reporter in a new TMZ video.

When pressed if he’s going to reach out to the band, RZA replies “Yep, I think I’m going to reach out. I  think I’ll start with Tom [Morello], and then reach out to Zack [de la Rocha], and see what can happen.”

Later in the video, the rapper explains the political timeliness of Rage’s reunion.

“I think right now, the way times are, we need Rage Against the Machine. It’s perfect timing for them, perfect energy for them, and we think that the climate is right for Rage, just like the climate is right for Wu-Tang. Let’s rock the world.”

Take a look at the clip below via TMZ.

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