Scalpers Are Flogging Paul McCartney Tickets For Almost $7K Before They’re Even On Sale To The Public

Those skidmarks on the underpants of society that we commonly know as ticket scalpers have officially hit a new low, flogging tickets to Sir Paul McCartney’s first Australian tour in almost 25 years for almost $7,000 online before the general public sale has even begun.

A sneaky Macca fanclub pre-sale kicked off at 5pm AEST yesterday via Ticketek, and the resale vultures have already swooped and begun a feeding frenzy, hocking Melbourne tix on controversial ticket resale site Viagogo for up to $6,633, which appears to be a jack-up of more than 1000 per cent of the most expensive original ticket price, AKA $409.18 for ‘diamond’ seating.

Ticketek has the price of the cheapest ‘silver’ tickets in Melbourne listed at $123.72, ‘gold’ tickets at $172.05 and ‘platinum’ at $243.30, but those too have been the victims of outrageous price gouges by these opportunistic assholes.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 3.31.54 pm

If the scalpers are stooping this low before the second pre-sale and general public tickets have even gone on sale, we shudder to think how much money they’ll be asking for when the shows inevitably sell out!!!!

Still can’t buy you love, jerks.

paul mccartney

This is the latest in a long line of insane price jack-ups by scalpers who’ve grossly inflated the cost of seeing Aussie shows by the likes of Sia, Midnight OilAdele and Justin Bieber to upwards of thousands of dollars. But this Paul McCartney thing is definitely a new low. Or new high, depending on how you look at it.

Catch all of Sir Paul’s tour dates here, and FYI you can access the fan club pre-sale right now (while stocks) last by using the code ‘PAUL1ON1ANZ’ on the Ticketek website.

UPDATE: Frontier Touring Offer Advice Avoiding Unauthorised Resellers As Paul McCartney Resale Prices Soar

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