Scott Weiland Has A New Supergroup, Featuring Members of Disturbed And Guns N’ Roses

From the fragments of some of the world’s biggest rock and metal acts, a new supergroup has been spawned. A band calling themselves Art Of Anarchy have just made their presence known, and its all-star lineup includes former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland, Disturbed bassist John Moyer, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal and his longtime friends, twin brothers Jon and Vince Votta.

This new league of heavy music avengers is already setting itself some lofty goals, with a vow to break down rock music boundaries in a single bound and transform the new generation into rock enthusiasts and die-hard “Anarchists”. Vince Votta used that philosophy to mastermind the band name itself, saying it had to be “extreme, uncompromising, and make a bold statement”.

The megaband has also wasted no time in announcing their debut album. The forthcoming LP, which was co-written by Jon Votta and produced and engineered by Bumblefoot, is slated for release in the American Spring (our Autumn), which means we can expect it to land at some point between March and May.

“This is the record I always dreamed of making since I started playing guitar,” says Jon Votta, who shared lead guitar duties with Bumblefoot on the record. AOA have already released a teaser for the release, featuring a selection of song samples, which you can check out below.

UPDATE 22/01/15 9:00pm: Scott Weiland has now distanced himself from the project in a new Facebook post.

Listen: Art Of Anarchy – Album Teaser

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