Sia Responds After Fans Reportedly Sue Over “Lacklustre” & “Impersonal” Show

Sia has responded after some Israeli fans reportedly filed a class action lawsuit against her, seeking refunds following an allegedly “lacklustre” performance in Tel Aviv.

As The Jerusalem Post reports, the suit was supposedly filed on Monday, 15th August, and cites claims that Sia only played for 65 minutes, and that her onstage banter was “impersonal” because she supposedly didn’t mention being in Tel Aviv or Israel.

The suit also reportedly mentions Sia standing with her back to the crowd while her face was obscured by her iconic black and white wig, never mind the fact that it’s a long running feature of Sia’s live show.

It doesn’t stop there though, with the suit supposedly going on to state that there were no projections of the show itself on the venue’s big screens, only pre-recorded videos, leaving ticket-holders at the back of the park unable to follow the action.

Sia has since taken to Twitter to thank her fans who turned out and sang along in support, while defending her creative choices.

“This euro tour has been amazing. Thank you all for singing at the top of your lungs and for welcoming me with such open hearts,” she says.

“I put everything I have into my show- it’s abstract for sure, but I’m singing my heart out live and every moment is purely intentional.”

Sia’s tour promoter Ilan Elkayam has also released a statement (Via IQ) defending the show. It reads:

“We wish to emphasise that the show was extremely successful. We have received hundreds of comments from satisfied fans who thoroughly enjoyed the performance and production. In addition, it should be noted that, to the best of our knowledge, the claim was not submitted against Sia herself.”

You can read Sia’s tweets, below.

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