Sia Was Running Late For Her Sydney Show Because Of Bad Weather And Diarrhoea

Sia took to the stage at Allianz Stadium in Sydney a few minutes late last night and didn’t hold anything back when letting fans know why.

She was less than 10 minutes late to the stage but still felt the need to let people know why, saying that bad weather meant she was unable to take a plane and instead had to drive 13 hours.

“Then blew a tire which has given me crazy diarrhea,” she added in a tweet which further asked fans to, “bear with me.”

Luckily, she was able to hit the stage without much of a delay and completed the show without letting the diarrhoea get her down.

It seemed nobody was annoyed with her for running late either, sympathising with the singer’s condition. One fan even went as far as renaming it “Siarrhea”.

While Sia’s appearance is hidden, she has no problem being candid with her fans online. Just last month she leaked a nude photo of herself after she found out someone was trying to sell it to her fans.

Sydney was the final show of her short Australian tour which started in Melbourne earlier in the week, drawing mixed reviews.

It’s the first time Sia has played shows in Australia since 2011.

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