Sick Of Sydney Venue Noise Complaints? Here’s How To Do Something About It

Music venues in Sydney are in line for better protections from noise complaints, and city planners want your input.

Earlier this month, the City Of Sydney proposed bringing ‘Agent Of Change’ regulations to Sydney (they were implemented in Melbourne in 2014), to help better protect venues from noise complaints that might arise from new residential developments which pop up nearby.

Sydney has seen more than its fair share of noise complaints in the last few years, with a VIVID concert being shut down before 9:30pm, a bar receiving a potentially disastrous complaint at 7pm on a Saturday, and, of course, a string of complaints coming from residents close to the Sydney Opera House.

If the New South Wales Government eventually agrees to bring Agent Of Change to Sydney, new residential developments near existing venues would need to be built in a way that manages noise coming from the existing venue, which should lead to fewer noise complaints.

Newly built entertainment venues would also need to be designed so that they protect any existing residential properties nearby from the noise they emit.

Council endorsed the Agent Of Change proposal on Monday, and now policy-makers are asking Sydneysiders to let them know if they want to see the regulations implemented in their city.

“A strong response from the industry will ensure that the reforms best serve the needs of venues, musicians, promoters and the industry overall,” City Of Sydney Strategy Advisor Hugh Nichols tells Music Feeds.

City Of Sydney’s public consultation period will end at the close of business on Wednesday, 13th December, after which it will consider the responses and prepare new planning controls for the city’s live music venues. The draft planning controls will then be put on exhibition for further feedback.

If the proposed changes are eventually adopted, they’ll go to the Greater Sydney Commission for its consideration, most likely in late 2018.

To get involved, share your feedback by following the steps over at the City Of Sydney website.

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