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Slayer Guitarist Gary Holt Is Helping Sell “Kill The Kardashians” T-Shirts

In 2014, Keeping Up with the Kardashians‘ Kendell Jenner sported a Slayer t-shirt at Canada’s MuchMusic awards, and it turns out, Slayer guitarist Gary Holt has been returning the favour with a shirt of his own, which has the words “Kill The Kardashians” printed across it.

As Billboard notes in a review of Slayer’s recent New York show, Holt continues to wear the shirt onstage, after being spotted wearing the piece multiple times earlier this year. What’s more, images of Holt wearing the shirt are also being used to sell the anti-Kardashian garment on the No Love Apparel website.

The website notes that, the company does not “condone killing ANYONE”, but that “the shirt is funny”.

The “Kill The Kardashians” t-shirt isn’t the weirdest thing Slayer have helped sell, though. In 2011 the band announced their own brand of condoms — ’cause why not?

Slayer’s eleventh studio album, Repentless, will arrive this September, and will feature the group’s eerie new song When The Stillness Comes.

Compare Holt’s shirt against Jenner’s, below, alongside footage of Holt wearing the tee at Slayer’s recent New York show.

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