Slipknot Accidentally Reveal Tortilla Man’s Identity

Tortilla Man has been unmasked.

Slipknot have seemingly revealed, by accident, the identity of their mysterious new percussionist.

For months since the member affectionately known as  ‘Tortilla Man’ or ‘Tortilla Face’ or ‘Tortilla Guy’ became the Knot’s ninth member following Chris Fehn’s less than amicable exit, rumours have been swirling about the identity of the man behind the slice of munted Spanish flatbread. One such rumour was that it could be Clown’s bandmate from his Dirty Little Rabbits side project, Michael Pfaff.

Well now, the band have inadvertently confirmed it, via new merch for their virtual pop-up shop.

As The PRP reports, when the online shop was first launched, the item description for Tortilla Man’s neck gaiter was listed as “Pfaff Neck Gaiter Face Cover”.

Being the internet, this was of course screenshotted by multiple eagle-eyed fans before the band could fix the balls-up, changing the description to o “New Guy Neck Gaiter Face Covering”.

There you have it. Welcome to the Knot, Michael Pfaff.

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