Slipknot: ‘We’re Not A Band We’re A Culture’

Slipknot will arrive in Australia today for The Soundwave 2012 Festival, which kicks off in Brisbane tomorrow. In an interview with The Age today, Slipknot’s oldest member, Shawn Crahan (Clown), goes into detail about the work ethic behind the band:

We’re not a band, we’re a culture and it’s only going to get bigger. When we’re on tour, all I want to do is see all of them … we’re a special thing, we’re our own entity.

We give you everything, we’re the greatest band in the world as far as I’m concerned…I always laugh when bands say, ‘You know, without the masks they’d be nothing.’ OK, try playing one of our songs, try playing my drummer’s parts, try playing my guitar player’s parts. Now put on a mask and all this other shit and run around like you’re in a rugby game – then I might start listening.

Read the full interview here.

Slipnot will be in Australia for the next few weeks headlining the Soundwave Festival as well as playing sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne.

View the full Soundwave 2012 line-up here.

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