Slipknot’s Clown Working On Soundwave Festival Documentary?

UPDATE: AJ Maddah shares new details about upcoming Soundwave documentary!

Looks like a Soundwave documentary is in the works – and Slipknot band member ‘Clown’ is in the director’s chair!

Festival boss AJ Maddah let the news slip via a reply to a fan on his Twitter account, which you can see below.

The fan – Joel Bates – asked why he saw Clown unmasked during the morning of the Brisbane festival this year.  Maddah confirmed it with a ‘yep’, and then said he was ‘Directing the Sw doco.”

Bates then mentioned he was pretty sure Clown “came down to the fence in the morning” and filmed “him and his mate” – with Maddah saying he could become “the star of the upcoming Sw doco.”

With Soundwave celebrating its 10th birthday in 2013 – it sounds like the documentary might just coincide with its celebrations.  Will be interesting to see what other developments we hear on the project in the coming months.

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