Smash Mouth Just Chimed In On The Corey Taylor & Chad Kroeger Beef For Some Reason

UPDATE: Corey Taylor Responds To Chad Kroeger’s Diss (Again), Calls Him “An Idiot”

ORIGINAL STORY: Smash Mouth‘s role in the world of music has been reduced to that of the subject of an endless supply of memes, while their social media presence seems to exist to make sporadic, odd statements.

Logically then the next step in their demise was to step in and get involved in the war of words between Nickelback‘s Chad Kroeger and Corey Taylor, with the band deciding to weigh in on the beef between the two musicians.

ICYMI: Kroeger recently decided to go on a bizarre rant about the Slipknot frontman’s other band Stone Sour, accusing them of “trying to be Nickelback” and also calling them “Nickelback Lite.”

Taylor then responded by not dignifying the remarks with a response at all, instead retweeting a post which read, “I can’t wait till Corey Taylor has his answer. But it’s still better not to respond and just never listen to Nickelback or give [Kroeger] anything.”

Smash Mouth decided to jump in when they responded to what was obviously a sarcastic remark from another Twitter user which read “really hope @SmashMouth jump into the fray”.

“We see what Chad is saying but Slipknot has more than pulled it off,” the band tweeted, before calling Taylor’s band “American icons” – in essence not really committing to either side of the argument, making it an even more bizarre decision to involve themselves at all.

Unsurprisingly the tweet hasn’t exactly propelled Smash Mouth back to relevance, making us wonder whether they genuinely thought someone wanted to know their opinion anyway.

Speaking of Stone Sour, Taylor’s band are set to tour Australia this August, and you can check out our interview with him below.

Interview: Corey Taylor 2017Corey Taylor tells us about his early life as a ginger kid and why Stone Sour’s new album will, ah, “make you moist”….

Posted by Music Feeds on Thursday, 8 June 2017

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