The Smith Street Band’s Wil Wagner Wants To Come And Play At Your House

If you’re looking to turn your living room into a gig venue then this is the perfect opportunity because The Smith Street Band‘s Wil Wagner is open to playing at your house.

The band has asked for submissions from fans who are keen on the idea, as Wagner is planning on playing shows in fans’ houses through the Parlour platform once their upcoming tour is done.

“Want me to come play at your house? I’ll be free to do a bunch of these shows after our Australian tour is done,” he wrote on Facebook.

At this stage, it looks like it will only be Wagner solo shows, but if you’ve ever heard Wagner with just his voice and a guitar you’ll know you’re in for one hell of a treat.

Later this month, the band will embark on their biggest Aussie tour ever. They don’t finish that until May so you’ve got a little while to wait but that’s more time to prep your living room stage yeah?

If you’re keen on this you can apply on the Parlour website, and cross your fingers the rest of Australia doesn’t apply too.

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