The Smiths Have Teamed Up With PETA For An 8-Bit ‘Meat Is Murder’ Video Game

Morrissey and PETA have teamed up once again, this time releasing a video game based on The Smiths‘ classic album Meat Is Murder. Because of course they did.

Not the first time Moz and PETA have teamed up, the game is called This Beautiful Creature Must Die. It features “a fun, nostalgic vibe” according to PETA Vice President of Marketing Joel Bartlett, who also called out “animal agriculture as the biggest threat to human health, animals, and the environment today.”

This Beautiful Creature Must Die works as a point and click arcade-style game where you click on the animals to try and stop them from being slaughtered by the spinning blades of death.

So yeah, it’s a bit more full on than the majestic cat hat image that was the fruit of one of their earlier collaborations.

Still it’s not all 8-bit blood and carnage, it’s also got an 8-bit version of Meat Is Murder as the soundtrack.  And in addition to using the album for the game, PETA have also released a new video showing some horrific slaughterhouse practices that features Meat Is Murder the song as the score.

Bartlett hopes that the game will motivate people to turn vegan, stating that: “After mastering the game, players can save animals and the Earth in real life by going vegan.” And while it seems unlikely that a retro style arcade game is going to get people to quit eating meat, the game and the video certainly show that we could at least come up with a more humane way of treating these animals if we’re going to insist on consuming their sweet flesh for sustenance.

Morrissey however sees things on an even grander scale (typical) calling the game “the biggest social crusade of all… as we safeguard the weak and helpless from violent human aggression,” adding that “you don’t get that from Pokémon Go.”

This if course follows Moz’s announcement of his upcoming Australian tour where he is snubbing meat eating venues, and the entire city of Brisbane due to their heckling him the last time he played there. Oh and he slagged off Aussie border security as well. Surprise surprise.

Check the game out for yourself, here.

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