Snowdroppers and Area 7 to headline Blood Sweat and Beers

With limited festivals happening in Sydney over the colder winter months mini festivals like Blood Sweat and Beers are a welcome offering, especially when they manage to put together a cracking line up of new and old Rock’n’Roll.

In a time where the future of The Annandale Hotel is uncertain, Blood Sweat and Beers encapsulates the classic vibe of the venue, that feeling of sticky old carpet, cold beers, relaxed BBQs and a good lot of noisy fun.

Tickets are available through the Annandale website and for a limited time they’re giving away free downloads for some of the bands playing.

Blood, Sweat & Beers is taking place on July 2nd and 3rd 2011 at The Annandale Hotel with the line up:


Area 7 (Vic)

Anchors (Vic)

A Death In The Family (Vic)

Former Cell Mates (UK)

Gay Paris

Graveyard Train (Vic)

The Outsiders (NZ)

The Rumjacks

Grenadiers (SA)

The Smith St Band (Vic)

Jamie Hay & Jen Buxton (hard to say)

Casino Rumblers

The Gun Runners (Vic)

The Corps

Headaches (Qld)

Easy Company

Bayonets For Legs

Homeward Bound

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