Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath Proves He Will Break Up With Your Boyfriend For You In Viral Video

A video has gone viral of Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray seemingly breaking up with someone’s boyfriend for them after they paid him to do it via the platform Cameo.

A Cameo video recently turned up on Twitter showing the frontman dumping “Brayden” on behalf of “Cheyenne” (for the uninitiated, Cameo is an app that, for a fee, allows you to request shout out videos from ~celebrities~).

This particular one kicks off with an amazing introduction from McGrath: “Mark McGrath from the band Sugar Ray, off the charts but always in your hearts.”

“This is a little difficult for me to say ’cause it’s the first one of these I’ve done,” McGrath continues, ever so sincerely.

“She wants you to know that you mean a lot to her… but she’s having difficulty staying in this long-distance relationship.”

McGrath gives the breakup a personalised touch, “It’s tough… I’ve been on the road for years and I’ve been with my wife for a long time. The biggest arguments, the biggest obstacles in our relationship is the distance between us.”

He passes on Cheyenne’s well wishes for Brayden, letting him know she says good luck on his thesis.

“Probably not the best timing, Cheyenne, when he’s doing his thesis!” he says.

Finding out Brayden’s a fan of Sugar Ray, McGrath says, “I wish I was delivering you good news.”

“Hopefully I can see you backstage, give you a high-five someday.”

The clip goes on, with McGrath offering Brayden support along the way and almost playing mediator.

He ties up the break up with, “Alright, on behalf of Mark McGrath and Cheyenne, we love you Brayden — be positive, bro!”

It’s all a very compelling sequence of events, except for one thing — turns out it’s all phoney!

As Rolling Stone reports, Twitter user @SeanAppalled told them via DM “That video was a video I paid to have made as a joke”, also claiming that he ordered the same Cameo message from two other celebs: Sonny Sandoval from the band P.O.D. and American entrepreneur Anthony Scaramucci.

Scaramucci & McGrath’s videos can be viewed below, but @SeanAppalled never shared the video of Sandoval outside of the app because it was “extremely fucking awkward”. Lol.

Meanwhile, it seems like McGrath — at least — was in on the joke. After his breakup message to “Bradyn” went viral online, the Sugar Ray frontman tweeted to another fan: “Also doing real ones for the holidays my brother! ;)”

So there you have it. Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath will break up with your boyfriend for you via Cameo, whether it’s real or fake.

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