Someone Has Mashed Up ‘WAP’ With Nickelback’s ‘Rockstar’ & It’s Cursed

If ‘WAP’ was a cultural reset, we’ve already regressed. One William Maranci has mashed up Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘WAP’ with Nickelback’s ‘Rockstar’. Because, why not.

While this creation is 10/10 cursed, you have to admire the artistic flare. Maranci has organised lines from WAP with Kroeger’s lines to create some absolutely cooked lyrics.

Where Kroeger would sing, “So I can eat my meals for free,” it instead becomes, “So I can eat my pussy for free.”

Another majestic verse is:

“I’m gonna beat my ass with the macaroni

Get a front door key to the macaroni

Gonna date a centerfold that loves

To blow my ass for me

(He’s a bottom-feeder)”

And of course, all “Rockstar” mentions are mashed to say “WAPstar”. Rude not to.

You can listen to the ‘WAP’ and ‘Rockstar’ mashup below.

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