Someone Reckons Prince Adopted Them & Has Left Them Millions

Two new potential heirs to Prince‘s fortune have come forward, with one even claiming the late musician adopted him and promised him millions of dollars.

As ABC News reports, documents filed in court show that a man by the name of Norman Yates Carthens — who is currently in prison and isn’t related to Prince at all — believes that The Purple One adopted him. What’s more, Carthens says there’s a secret will in which the muso has left him USD$7 million from his USD$300 million estate.

Court documents don’t state the year which Carthens believes he was adopted, and he reportedly hasn’t mentioned where the mysterious will is located. Prince’s sister Tyka and his estate, on the other hand, have said there is no mystery will.

Elsewhere in the continuing saga of The Purple One’s dying wishes, an alleged half-sibling of the musician has also filed documents claiming that she and Prince have the same father. The woman, named Regina Sorenson, says she should be included in any DNA testing of potential heirs.

Carver County Court is dealing with a number claims from people who say they are Prince’s descendants, including two who say they are descendants of Prince’s half-brother Duane Nelson Sr. and one — prison inmate Carlin Williams — who claims to be Prince’s biological son.

As the Daily Mail reports, the mother of 39-year-old Williams says she had sex with Prince in a Kansas City hotel back in 1976. Williams himself, who is also a little-known rapper, has reportedly written song lyrics in which he kills the Purple Rain singer, which is pretty damn crazy.

Earlier this month, medical officials confirmed that Prince died of an accidental painkiller overdose, which involved a fatal dose of fentanyl, a powerful opioid used to treat pain.

A private ceremony was held for Prince at a Jehova’s Witness temple near Minneapolis in May, after the singer-songwriter died in April aged 57.

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