Soundwave 2012 Line-up: Hole Pulls Out?

The official Soundwave 2012 line-up was announced 2 weeks ago, and many were happy to see that Hole, along with other bands, were still included on the line-up after being shuffled over from the original Soundwave Revolution line-up.

But in a number of tweets posted by AJ Maddah over the weekend, it appears that he and Courtney Love (or Love’s management) have been having some issues, which could mean that Hole will not be making an appearance at next year’s Soundwave.

Originally it was only a rumour that the band had pulled out, but after being questioned about it, Maddah tweeted:

iamnotshouting: Probably. Will wait to talk to her dipshit agent on Monday night before commenting.

But by Sunday afternoon, it was clear that he had spoken to them and things weren’t looking too good:

iamnotshouting: Yep. Limp is the excuse they are giving. Like we were going to ask her permission every time we book a band.

No point talking her back, only for her to cancel later, or turn up & act like a rotten twat to other artists, fans, etc.

iamnotshouting: tbh, I am really mad about this. I was given so many assurances that this would not happen when I took the booking.

iamnotshouting: Agent, despite promise not to pull out: “I only promised to get the fee. We have no control over what Courtney does”.

So according to Maddah, her reason for pulling out was because of Limp Bizkit’s inclusion on the line-up. Love has slammed frontman Fred Durst in the past, blaming him for “the worst years in rock history”. But then again, who hasn’t Love tried to have a go at.

The good news out of this is that Maddah has said he will try and get a bigger and better band on the line-up as a replacement. Amongst the tweetrage he also revealed that there will be a second line-up coming this Wednesday, which is much sooner than the initial December date that he originally gave us.

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