Soundwave Timetables Explained

Revised set times and maps for Soundwave 2014 were unveiled last night in response to a raft of complaints from punters displeased with the initially released timetables for Brisbane and Sydney. Promoter AJ Maddah has now fielded questions from punters about the more curious changes.

The Soundwave tour kicks off later this week at the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane and according to Maddah, gates will most likely open at 10:00am, despite the mogul asking for a 9:30am start. Said the promoter to one Queensland punter: “I have asked for 9:30. Site Goobers say 10.”

The bothersome clash between headliners Green Day and Avenged Sevenfold and popular Finnish outfit HIM remains on the revised roster, with Maddah explaining that due to Avenged Sevenfold having to play in the dark and Green Day playing a 3-hour set, there is simply “no getting around it.”

Addressing a disappointed Five Finger Death Punch fan hoping for a later spot to see the Nevada group, Maddah explained that theatrical thrash outfit GWAR‘s stage props will not fit on any other stage besides Stage 4. Fans had also complained of the clash between GWAR and Rob Zombie.

When the original Brisbane and Sydney timetables were released, Maddah revealed that metal stage headliners Mastodon had asked to move their slot, which clashed with Living Colour. The alt-metal outfit’s spot has remained the same due to organisers securing a lighting designer for the band.

Floridian troop Alter Bridge receiving only 45 minutes? “Both them and Sambora had 60 mins on another stage. But needed production only available on main,” said Maddah. Meanwhile no Dir En Grey for Perth is a result of a lack of communication between Japanese and US agents.

Last night’s sudden cancellation of Conor Oberst project Desaparecidos came as a shock to many, with scant details given about their departure. Maddah told one fan he feels “distraught” for singer-songwriter Oberst, though told another that nothing has happened to Oberst “directly.”

While the band’s own tour announcement indicated that they would only play the Melbourne leg, there had long been confusion over the status of The Bennies. Maddah has now set the record straight, saying they will only play Melbourne but will be invited to Warped 2014, if it goes ahead.

Finally, devoted fans of mighty masters of Melburnian grit King Parrot quickly noticed the band’s absence from the Soundwave timetables despite Maddah adding them to the bill via Twitter. According tot he promoter, “They ended up on a big national tour in April instead.”

UPDATE 9:52pm AEDT 19/02/14: Responding to a fan request placed via Twitter, AJ Maddah has announced that he has extended pop-punk veterans Alkaline Trio‘s 30-minute set by ten minutes, writing, “Thanks to a timely reminder…I am extending Alkaline Trio’s set to 40 minutes in all cities!”

UPDATE 3:37pm AEDT 20/02/14: Having previously told a Twitter follower that he’d requested gates to open at 9:30am in spite of venue management insisting on a 10:00am open, Maddah has now confirmed that all venue gates on the tour will open at 10:00am.

Readers in Brisbane and Sydney can check their map and set times right here, those in Adelaide here, readers in Melbourne right here, and Perth readers can check theirs right here. Follow minute-to-minute updates on all the action surrounding Soundwave 2014 at our special Feed right here!

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