Splendour’s First Day Smashed By Hailstorm

Festivalgoers at this year’s Splendour in the Grass are going to have a busy evening finding places to dry their clothes following a hectic hail storm that hit Byron Bay seemingly out of nowhere.

The BOM had advised the public that there was a chance of light showers in the area today, but those light showers quickly turned into a hailstorm around 2pm. People ran, scurried and slipped in the mud as they attempted to get under some cover. Though the hail was small, it was still a generally awful experience being pelted.

Rain had hindered the festival grounds previously, though trudging through mud is a strong part of an authentic Splendour experience. Organisers have been battling the problem with great results using woodchips, though we at Feeds would strongly recommend you bring your gumboots (not your Chucks, those aren’t waterproof at all. My mistake).

Regardless, the crowd seemed undeterred by the sudden change of weather. Not 30 minutes later the sun was out. Though the grass has now turned to mud, the times are indeed still Splendid.

The sun came out 30 minutes later…

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