Spoof ‘Trent Reznor Song’ Gets Accompanying Video

Earlier this year, not long after the Nine Inch Nails frontman gave the proverbial finger to the Grammy Awards, creative comedian Freddy Scott released the parody track, This Is a Trent Reznor Song, taking a hit at some of the frontman’s most quirky character traits. Now, to the world’s delight, the spoof track has its own spoof video.

The song itself accurately encapsulates Reznor’s penchant for “random percussion”, “weird guitar”, “creepy piano” arrangements and his tendency to implement shifting vocal dynamics, ranging from hushed to screaming. “It’s almost time to hear the chorus,” sings the fake Reznor. “But first let’s listen to this weird sound.”

The video takes its cues from Early NIN visual outputs, beginning with a recreation of the opening shot of Closer, before cutting between black-and-white images of insects, sheet-covered cadavers and a silhouetted profile of the singer. The footage is grainy and the vibe is weird, complete with mad scientist goggles and, you know, a milk bottle. Check it out.

Watch: Freddy Scott – This Is A Trent Reznor Song

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