Spotify Is Testing Out A New Stories Feature Just For Artists

Spotify is having a crack at a brand new Stories feature, which will enable you to stalk your fave artists and bands across a whole new platform.

Dubbed ‘Storyline’, the feature will apparently let artists share cool bits of #content including BTS facts with listeners, similar to the current Behind The Lyrics feature.

The key difference is, Spotify Storylines will come directly from the artist themselves, rather than Spotify.

According to The Verge, the info will be presented like an Instagram Story, with a carousel of cards featuring a combo of text and images that you can tap through.


Image Via The Verge

The new feature is currently in being trialled on iOS and Android in countries including the US and the Netherlands, while Android Police notes that the feature is currently only available on a very limited number of songs, including the Jonas Brothers’ ‘Sucker’ and a handful of Billie Eilish tunes.

Spotify has yet to confirm when the feature could be released more broadly to artists and users internationally.

Stay tuned, we guess!

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