See The Songs And Artists You Played Most This Year (And Decade) With Spotify’s ‘Wrapped’ Function

Spotify have brought back their popular personalised “Wrapped” tool for another year, allowing users to see which songs and artists you consistently cranked throughout 2019.

Apart from your most-listened songs and artists there’s a ton of other neat data – such as seasonal listening habits, your preferred genres and the podcasts you absorbed on Spotify this year.

Plus, as the 2010s draw to a close, this time around you can also find out those stats for the entire decade – or if you started using the streaming service earlier than 10 years ago, your listening history up to that point.

Head here to find your own personalised Wrapped lists for the year and decade. You can then make playlists of your most-streamed songs, or share your results with friends via social media if you’re so inclined with a handy infographic.

The lists can be an illuminating portrait of the year that was, sonically speaking – whether 2019 was the year you found a new favourite artist, or simply listened to a whole lot of The National on repeat after a breakup (hypothetically speaking, of course. Definitely not drawing on any personal experience here. I have no idea what you’re talking about.)

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