St Vincent Has Reimagined The ‘Golden Girls’ Theme Song And Old Age Has Never Been More Terrifying

“Thank you for being a friend” is the uplifting message at the heart of the classic theme song to TV’s The Golden Girls, the iconic show from the late 80s/early 90s that follows the exploits of four mature birds living out their golden years together in Miami (chances are you probably caught a few daytime reruns of it back when you chucked sickies in primary school and your rents dropped you at your nan’s place).

Anyway, the enigmatic St Vincent has elected to rework the show’s iconic theme, and has resultantly warped its message into something more akin to “we’re all going to die if we don’t successfully take the ring to Mordor”.

“I remade the Golden Girls theme song into a dirge,” Vinnie tweeted.

And for the uninitiated, a dirge is basically a lament for the dead AKA a funeral song.

Which I guess is apt, seeings as how all of the Golden Girls except Betty White are now deceased (RIP).

But still, seeing all of their kindly, smiling old lady faces accompanied by St Vin’s droning, mournful requiem will pretty much crush your soul.

Have a listen below, but then make sure you blast the original directly afterwards to make old age – and the looming spectre of your inevitable mortality – seem a bit less terrifying again.

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