The Star Defends Itself Following Allegations Marquee Nightclub Rejected Punter For Having Cornrows

A spokesperson for The Star has today responded to a Sydney tattoo artist who has claimed that a bouncer at it’s Marquee nightclub denied entry to his brother due to his hairstyle.

Speaking with Pedestrian yesterday, Tyson Lord Mayor says he arrived at Marquee with a group of friend’s for a wedding afterparty wearing suits, but that his brother was denied entry because he had cornrows.

“We rocked up to the line, and I said, ‘Is it all good if there’s only one girl with us,’ and [the security guard] goes ‘Yeah that’s alright, except for that guy there with the cornrows,” said Mayor.

“I was like, ‘What’s wrong with the cornrows?’ He goes, ‘Nah, can’t have people with cornrows come in,'” he continued. “I’m like, ‘That makes no sense, why’s that,’ and he said, ‘The owner doesn’t want people with cornrows coming into the nightclub. Tattoos are fine, but cornrows you can’t come in.'”

The guard the allegedly responded to Mayor’s further pleas by saying “I don’t make the rules.”

In a statement give to The Music today, a spokesperson for The Star responded to the allegations of discrimination but failed to specifically address the incident from last weekend. “We have guidelines in place regarding entry to premises,” said a the spokesperson. “We also have zero tolerance to any form of discrimination.

“As an international tourism destination we pride ourselves on welcoming guests from all backgrounds and cultures. We are an inclusive organisation with a strong record in supporting the diversity of our workforce and the 11 million guests who visit The Star Sydney every year.”

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