Static-X Officially Break Up, Singer Details Band’s Demise: “It Was Really Bad At The End”

After entering a hiatus back in 2009, only to once again tour under the Static-X moniker with a band of new recruits, frontman Wayne Static has officially announced that the band is no more, recalling a split that was anything but amicable.

The hiatus was initiated the same year drummer Nick Oshiro announced he would be parting ways with the band and, after 12 months of no progress, lead guitarist Koichi Fukuda and bassist Tony Campos announced that they too would be tapping out. Today, the only remaining member has gone on record as saying that while the hiatus may be over, “Static-X is done. The end. No more Static-X.”

During an interview with the Gauntlet, Static detailed the moments before the split, detailing some serious conflict between himself and Campos:

“Him and I haven’t been getting along for years. It was really bad at the end. The last couple of tours, we never talked or anything like that. So I made this deal with Tony where I paid him ‘X’ amount of dollars quarterly to use the name Static-X, which I thought was a pretty generous deal. He got a lot of money for doing nothing, for just sitting on his ass doing nothing. I wish someone would give me some money for doing nothing.”

The drama has been traced back to an interview with the vocalist where he stated that, “Static-X were never, like, all great buddies and friends and all that kind of stuff, and we never hung out.” This seemed to ruffle Campos’ feathers, and he told his bandmate, “Since you said we’re not friends, then why should I help you out?” Static responded with, “Who gives a fuck? It’s business, dude.”

As he tells The Gauntlet, “That’s the truth. We weren’t friends; we never hung out. And there’s nothing wrong with that; there’s a lot of bands like that.”

The last correspondence between the two took place via email where Campos expressed a desire to never hear from the frontman again. Static assured him this would be the case:

“That’s the way we left. And it sucks. I think it’s sad that things have to end that way. And it happens to a lot of bands.”

(Via Loudwire)

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