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Here Is Stephen Colbert’s Hilarious Parody Of Kanye West’s Crazy Ellen Interview

Stephen Colbert has given Kanye West a taste of his own Kanye-ness, with a very on-point parody of Yeezy’s recent interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which earlier this week spawned the most confusing Kanye rant we’ve seen in a while.

On Friday night’s edition of The Late Show, Colbert dissected Yeezy’s latest appearance on Ellen — AKA “the number one place for hip hop” — before becoming, well, Kanye.

“I feel like if Mark Zuckerberg gave me $53 million I could buy more shoes,” Colbert says in the skit (below). “I have ideas that can make human existence better! Period, end of sentence, punctuation, semicolon, ellipses, parenthesis! I want to make better hot dog buns!”

Colbert clearly enjoyed sending up Yeezy’s latest rant, but camp Kanye has been unsurprisingly supporting, with Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian taking to Twitter to say she’s “proud” of her husband’s latest Ellen appearance. Catch her tweets, below.

This is far from the first time Colbert has used Kanye as comedic material. In February, the comedian took aim at Yeezy’s supposed debt problem, expertly picking apart the situation and labelling West a “rapper/mogul/visionary toddler”.

Catch Colbert’s parody of Yeezy’s latest Ellen interview below, and the original rant in all its confusing glory, right here.

Watch: Stephen Colbert Parodies Kanye West’s Ellen Interview

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