Stereosonic’s Co-Founder Is Over The Festival’s Roided-Up “Muscle Culture”

Frank Cotela, co-founder of Stereosonic and director of promoter Totem OneLove, has taken to Facebook to vent his frustrations over the festival’s “roid up bro’s muscle culture”, following a tumultuous week in which footage of a violent all-in brawl at the festival’s Sydney leg caused a stir online.

Addressing one particular viral post, which features a sarcastic, satirical rant and has racked up nearly 50,000 likes on Facebook, Cotela not only mocked the festival’s muscle culture but promised to do more to address issues of violence.

“Why don’t they get it… Everyone is over The Roid up Bro’s muscle culture, can’t they just see that they are a laughing stock… Brother EVERYONE is laughing at your Shorts, singlets, fake tans, bumbags and cartoon shaped bodies … but more importantly we are sick of the charged up violence you bring… time for a change! – If it means that we will profile you at entry point and stop you entering – you will be stopped! 40 dumb khunts are not going to spoil a great day enjoyed by thousands! – ‪#‎brothernoonegivesafuckaboutyourbody‬”

While pre-festival profiling might not be the most ethically sound solution, Cotela’s words are strong and clear — Stereosonic organisers and very much aware that something needs to be done to help curb violent crowds at their festival. At the end of the day, it’s still all about the music, right?

Read Cotela’s Facebook post in full below.

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