Steve Albini Drags Joe Rogan & Media Company Barstool Sports, Calls Them Trash Garbage

Steve Albini isn’t one to shy away from sharing his opinions and now, in a chat with Oxbow frontman Eugene Robinson, he’s dragged podcast host, Joe Rogan.

The premise of the interview was that Robinson would ask Albini five non-music related questions for his newsletter feature 5 Easy Pieces w/Steve Albini.

And Steve Albini, who is no stranger to unleashing on the topics he’s passionate about, has done just that.

“Anybody who uses a position of power, status or authority to exploit people who are vulnerable to that power, status or authority is dead to me,” he says on who’s on his keep/toss list.

“I’ve never had a problem with transgressive art, but it sure seems like you can tell when it’s just a veneer used to justify being a fucking creep,” he continues.

“Always hated Vice, still hate it. Just a parade of gawkers revelling in whatever misery they can observe from an ironic distance. Fuck that shit completely.”

Which leads him to his point about Joe Rogan. Steve Albini says, “Rogan, Barstool, all the anti-woke comics, just fuck them all in the eye.”

“It’s trash garbage and I want it all to fail.

“What if all the stupid shit your racist neighbor you can’t stand said was typed up and put on a blog?

“Nope, still trash, still fuck it. I want them all out looking for work. Into the chipper with all of it.”

Read the interview in full here.

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