Stream: Linkin Park New Album ‘Living Things’

Although not officially released for purchase until June 25, 2012, Linkin Park are giving fans an early listen to their new record Living Things via iTunes. When speaking with NME, Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda said that although the band has somewhat returned to their roots on the new LP, it doesn’t return to a heavy guitar nu-metal sound.

“That’s actually been misinterpreted. What we’ve actually said is that the record gets back to our roots and it’s captured a feeling that we haven’t gone after in many years. I think that’s gone misconstrued as a return to heavy guitars. There are guitars on the record of course though”, Shinoda said.

“I’ll say it like this, with ‘Minutes To Midnight’ and even more so with ‘A Thousand Suns’, we were making an effort to get away from the sound of the first two records. The reason for that was that we felt if we made a third record that sounded that way, we’d be pigeonholed into doing that forever. Everybody just gravitated towards the stuff that sounded different and, as we got into ‘A Thousand Suns’, it got even more different”, he said.

Linkin Park is also a strong likelihood to come to Australia for next year’s Soundwave Festival.

To stream Living Things by Linkin Park in full, click here…

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