Stream: Marilyn Manson New Record ‘Born Villain’

Marilyn Manson’s new record Born Villain is due out tomorrow, but you can stream it ahead of time thanks to the kind folks at Loudwire.

When speaking to Loudwire in an exclusive interview, Manson said that Born Villain will serve as a comeback album.

“It’s difficult to say you want to make a comeback, because that’s admitting that you weren’t what you were supposed to be, not what you used to be, but what you’re supposed to be. So it’s almost the same as in the beginning. A comeback is almost the same as starting out fresh where no one knows or believes in what you are and I had to say that out loud. I have no problem saying that this is my comeback and when I decide on something, I’m determined to do it. I haven’t had that type of energy and confidence simply because I needed to acknowledge that,” Manson said.

In the lead-up to the release of Born Villain, Manson recently appeared at the 2012 Golden Gods Awards along with surprise guest Johnny Depp.

As Music Feeds reported, it was then later revealed that Depp along with his son feature on a cover of Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain, which will appear on the new record.

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