Study Reveals What To Listen To Before A Job Interview

A new study by The Society For Personality And Social Psychology claims listening to bass-heavy music could improve a candidate’s performance during a job interview. According to their report, songs such as 50 Cent‘s In Da Club help a candidate feel more empowered and confident.

Researchers began by asking a group of people to rate 31 songs on how strong and determined the tracks made them feel. In Da Club, along with Queen‘s We Will Rock You and 2 Unlimited’s Get Ready for This, were placed in the higher end of that category, in contrast to those with less effect.

Two new groups of participants then listened to a category each — the ‘high-power’ songs and the ‘low-power’ songs — and were asked to complete a series of words. For example, if shown P_ _ER, some could potentially fill it in as ‘power’ or alternatively as ‘paper’, according to Kellogg Insight.

The group that listened to the ‘high-powered playlist’ were found to be more likely to complete the words with strength and dominance in mind, like completing the aforementioned example as ‘power’ as opposed to ‘paper’, compared with the group who listened to the low-powered playlist.

The low-powered playlist featured Fatboy Slim’s Because We Can, Baha Men’s Who Let the Dogs Out, and The Notorious B.I.G.‘s Big Poppa, and the findings have led researchers to believe that bass-heavy music could have an effect on confidence and lead to more dominant behaviour.

“Just as professional athletes might put on empowering music before they take the field to get them in a powerful state of mind, you might try listening to bass-heavy music in certain situations where you want to be empowered,” the report’s co-author, Prof Derek Rucker, told Kellogg Insight.

Watch: 50 Cent – In Da Club

Watch: The Notorious B.I.G. – Big Poppa

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