Svelt launch debut LP at Civic Underground

Sydney live-beats band Svelt will release their debut self-titled album at The Civic Underground on Friday March 12, showing the city what the DIY free-party scene has been cooking up. Sub Bass Snarl, El Gusto, Anklepants and others will play in support.

Svelt combines jungle, hip-hop and dub influences using squelched synths, stabbing guitars and live drums to create a cerebral dance-floor experience. The band’s five members include Emily Collins on vocals, Aden Wessels on vocals and FX, James Nichols on synths, Jesse Ricketson on drums, and Duncan Ford on guitar.

Svelt carry the flame of other great live electronic bands such as Pivot and The Bird, but mix in their own flavour with influences ranging from Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus and Joker with the vocal stylings of Tom Waits, Goldfrapp and Little Dragons.

The self-titled LP is an eclectic mix of punchy songs, bass heavy jams and incendiary percussion. Svelt’s growth as a band has been lovingly nurtured by the Sydney DIY warehouse party scene which has given the band the freedom to experiment, toy with improvised sets and carry out seamless DJ-style performances. So far, Svelt have been attracting big crowds in largely illegal venues throughout crumbling industrial sites of the Inner West, such as at the legendary free “Channel” parties.

While Svelt is happy to occupy prime slots at Channel parties and other “happenings”, the band is eager to swap their set out of the Inner West and into the Inner City for the night. Friday March 12 sees the band’s first headlining club show, when they bring the party to The Civic Underground at 388 Pitt Street, Sydney.

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