Alan Jones’ M8s Hit Back At Neil Finn’s Crowded House Concert Dig, Get It Wrong Again

A big ol’ row between the Sydney Opera House and the angry residents of neighbouring apartment building The Toaster is continuing to unfold, after Crowded House‘s Neil Finn had a choice dig at one of the noise-complaining tenants –– as well as fellow resident Alan Jones — on Twitter following the first of the legendary Aussie band’s series of Encore shows outside the iconic venue.

After one of the members of the self-dubbed ‘Sydney Opera House Concerned Citizens Group’ called Finn out for compelling fans at the gig to yell as loud as they could to “wake up Alan Jones… For the public good, for the sake of keeping Sydney open!” — wrongly presuming that his reference to KSO meant he was implying that Jones supports Sydney’s lockout laws, which he definitely doesn’t), Finn quickly set her straight, tweeting:

However, it seems the Toaster dwellers didn’t get the message.

In an email obtained by Fairfax, Jones’ m8s have hit back at Crowded House, still on a mission to prove that their shock jock neighbourino doesn’t support Sydney’s lockout laws, which of course everyone knows anyway.

“Just wanted to let you know Alan has consistently been a strident critic of the lockout laws,” the email says, attaching a couple of Jones’ “most recent editorials” to back the claim.

But they’ve clearly missed the point.

ICYMI: Jones and his militant gang of Toaster grumblers have been lobbying the Opera House management, Liquor & Gaming NSW, the NSW Police Force, state ministers, the Premier’s Department, the City of Sydney council, UNESCO and pretty much anyone else who will listen because they want to shut down the kind of outdoor concerts that Crowded House are performing at the iconic venue, arguing that such events create a “harsh visual impact” and interrupt their sleep with “noise and disruption”.

And being on a mission to shut down some of the city’s biggest concerts doesn’t really seem to fly with the whole Keep Sydney Open message.

But anyway, it seems the Toaster crew were too busy trying to think up the most clever retort to serve up the nation’s latest ARIA Hall Of Fame inductees than to actually let that truthbomb sink in.

“And by the way, you wouldn’t have woken [Alan Jones] up. He’s in St Vincent’s Hospital after having a 10-hour back operation on Monday,” their letter concludes in an attempted mic-drop moment.

Guess Crowded House are just going to have to crank the noise even louder tonight, then.

UPDATE 27/11/16: Neil Finn has had one last dig at ‘The Toaster’ complainers at Crowded House’ fourth and final Sydney Opera House ‘Encore’ show.

Gallery: Crowded House – Sydney Opera House Forecourt 24.11.16 / Photos: Maria Boyadgis

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