System Of A Down Are “Not Making Albums” Right Now

It seems like the bad news just keeps coming for those hoping for a new System Of A Down album.

The band’s guitarist Daron Malakian has confirmed that while he’s always writing music for the band, they’re not planning on releasing an album anytime soon.

Speaking to Kerrang about his current Scars On Broadway record he said, “I have a lot of music that’s still to be released in the future, whether it’s with System or Scars.”

“I think the Scars stuff tends to take more of a rock direction, even though I would say there’s a lot of material on this album that I think has more of a System Of A Down flavour in it than maybe the first Scars album did,” he continued.

“As of right now, System’s not making albums, so this is the project through which I’m releasing my songs.”

It seems if you’re after new System Of A Down material then the closest you’re going to get is the new Scars On Broadway record.

Back in 2016, the band confirmed that they had been back in the studio working on new material but then they went silent.

A year ago, bassist Shavo Odadjian said that the band aren’t working on an album but many were hoping their position may have changed since then.

The band has a number of tour dates plotted for the year.

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