Take That! Robbie Williams Is Forming A New Band With Some Aussie Musos

Your mum’s crush Robbie Williams must be waxing nostalgic about his boyband days because he’s just announced plans to start a new band, 25 years after exiting Take That.

However, sadly for any fans of the British pop ensemble that launched the crooner’s career, no other members of Take That will be featuring in the new project.

Instead, Robdawgs has confirmed he’s teaming up with a pair of Aussie songwriters for the yet-to-be-named group.

During a recent Instagram live sesh, the singer revealed that the trio have already begun work on a few songs, which they plan on releasing sometime soon.

“Little project that I’ve got going on with a couple of friends of mine, Flynn Francis and Tim Metcalfe. We’re forming a band everyone,” he said.

“I’ve got songs coming out that will not be under the name of Robbie Williams.”

Williams went on to dish that the band are also planning to play live, but that their performances will not always be in a conventional format.

“I’m gonna do this thing with my friends. Form a band and what I’m gonna do is rent a space, put my art in there. During the day it’ll be a gallery,” he explained. “Then at night I shall be DJing and it will be a musical venue, something the old folks will call a rave.”

He added that he was “very, very excited” about the whole thing.

“I want to do it in Berlin. I also want to do it in Tokyo. I wanna do it in several places. Be fun, won’t it?”

It comes after Williams dropped a new festive song dubbed ‘Can’t Stop Christmas’, which you can take for a spin below.

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