Tex Perkins Flipped The Bird To Scott Morrison On The ABC

Tex Perkins ended 2019 in the most publicly ballsy way possible and given Prime Minister Scott Morrison the bloody finger…on live television…on the ABC…the government funded broadcaster.

During ABC’s live New Year’s Eve coverage last night, Perkins dedicated The Cruel Sea song ‘The Honeymoon is Over’ to the PM before flipping the bird in the direction of Kirribilli House.

“This one’s for the Prime Minister,” he said.

This is especially hitting as the same song is included on ScoMo’s own ‘How good is Oz Rock!’ Spotify playlist.

According to, the sign was in protest of Morrison’s perceived inaction surrounding climate change and the bushfires that are devastating the nation right now.

Perkins isn’t the only album to publicly decry the PM within their own art. The Chats put up a song just before Christmas titled ‘I Hope Scott’s House Burns Down’ that is, uh, far less subtle than the protest Perkins demonstrated.

As far as we know, Perkins has suffered no official backlash from the move, as he was still allowed to return to the stage to perform an hour later.

Watch the display below.

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