That Bloke Who Headbangs To Slayer In The Middle Of Hurricanes Has Done It Again

Honestly, what a title.

As Hurricane Florence wreaks havoc throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and other parts of the southeast of the United States, Lane Pittman has received his bat signal and is well and truly back on his bullshit once again.

You might remember – how could you forget? – that Pittman’s claim to fame was this video he posted of himself shirtless, wielding an American flag, and headbanging to Slayer’s ‘Raining Blood’ in the midst of Hurricane Matthew back in 2016.

Then, the bloody hero did the same thing again last year with Hurricane Irma.

Now, making it a tri-fecta, Pittman has driven all the way up from Florida to South Carolina to do it again.

A hero. A real American hero.

In other Slayer-related news, the band recently confirmed their ‘Final World Tour’ will come to Australia in 2019.

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