The Avalanches New Album Could Be Done In Weeks

Much like the Holy Grail, The Avalanches‘ second studio album has been steeped in mystery, intrigue and never conclusively proven to be in actual existence. Yet, according to comments by collaborator Jennifer Herrema it might actually be finished in the coming weeks.

“Robbie [Chater, Avalanches’ keyboardist] wrote me last week and [said] they’re gonna do a remix for this album,” Herrema, who has worked with The Avalanches previously, told The Quietus. “He said that their album was gonna be done in three weeks.”

The Royal Trux and Black Bananas singer spoke to The Quietus about working with The Avalanches in 2011, writing lyrics for the song Stepkids, which will apparently feature on the new record.

“Their dude at Modular, the record label, got in touch and said that Robbie wanted a song,” she told the publication. “Just something melancholy or whatever and thought that I’d be good at doing that and it turned out to be really easy.”

She said Charter had put the finishing touches to their Stepkids collaboration and would then return the favour by remixing a song on the new Black Bananas record. “He told me… he’d gotten some strings in [Stepkids] and he said it sounded awesome.”

This is not the first time Herrema has teased the release of the mysterious Avalanches follow-up which is now 14 years in the making since their debut Since I Left You. In January 2012 she announced that everything was on track for a release that year and even suggested Danny Brown would also feature on it.

Since 2006, rumours of new material purported that the sample kings’ new album had been almost fully completed. In March 2012, Danny Brown confirmed that he had indeed contributed a song for the album and in April 2012 the band released a mixtape proving that work had by no means halted.

The band also contributed a slice of new material to the King Kong musical. Then there were rumours of a February 2014 album release following a September 2013 single, and then what looked like new material turned out to be a remix.

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that one of the group’s founding members, Darren Seltmann, is no longer part of band but a representative from Modular Recordings insisted that the new “album sounds awesome,” adding that no dates had been planned. “The official line, they said is ‘stay tuned’.”

Late last year, as a tribute to the enduring legacy of The Avalanches’ debut record, Astral People’s musical alumni gathered together to perform the band’s hit songs Since I Left You and Frontier Psychiatrist in Music Feeds Studio.

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