The Good Ship Have Gear Stolen While At BIGSOUND – SHARE THIS STORY

Here is an opportunity for everyone to help out some straight-up decent dudes. While in town for this year’s BIGSOUND conference, The Good Ship guitarist John Meyer has had both his guitar and a case full of pedals stolen.

According to the event started by the band, the guitar was a “Fender Telecaster Thinline, sunburst finish, wraparound pickguard, two single coil pickups. Small dent on front of body. It was in a soft case (the thick type with hard foam) and had a rockabilly style Lucky 13 strap. and the pedals were a black one about 50 x 70 cm, with silver clasps. Inside were tuner, delay, distortion, tremolo and boost pedals, plus assorted leads and other small things”

The gear was in a locked car parked in what was meant to be a secure McWhirters car park, but upon returning, they found that it had been taken.

The band strongly rely on their instruments, which directly pay the bills. Share this article around and help raise awareness and get John’s gear back, and hopefully bust this idiot in the process.

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