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The Reviews On ‘Cats’ Are In & Yeah They’re Pretty Catty

When the very first trailer for Cats dropped, there was a fairly mutual reaction of: “what the actual f*ck is that”.

Given that the original musical was ~fairly~ creepy itself, I don’t know if anyone should’ve been so surprised, but Taylor Swift and Idris Elba taking on human cat bodies was… different.

Anyway, the movie premiered last night and the reviews are in. We haven’t seen it and honestly, we probably won’t. According to reviews, the film is incredibly creepy, like a fresh hell, and filmmakers did, indeed CGI out Jason Derulo’s you-know-what.

In fact, the nicest review we’ve seen on the film comes from who said, “But now that it’s here, is it an amazing, visual spectacle or a total trainwreck? It’s neither.”

“It’s not the disaster so many feared it would be,” is believe it or not, potentially the most controversial Cats opinion.

Pedestrian TV titled their review, “‘Cats’ Is A Horror Movie”. “Many have said that Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most famous musical, about a group of singing, dancing felines, is unfilmable. After seeing Tom Hooper’s version, I would have to agree,” opened Pedestrian’s reviewer Alasdair Duncan, before labelling the film a “110 minute fever dream”. Oof.

Junkee has given us an eery take. They say there are some redeemable qualities: Jennifer Hudson’s performance of ‘Memory’ and Jason Derulo apparently does alright as Rum Tum Tugger. The biggest takeaway from their review is that at one point, Rebel Wilson unzips her fur to reveal a “bedazzled hot pink bodysuit”. Okay.

Gizmodo posited that “Cats defies belief because it exists and yet at every turn, it is very obvious that Cats should not exist.” The Guardian declared it to be, “a purr-fectly dreadful hairball of woe.

Twitter is going off too.

Some people even reckon that Taylor Swift’s five-minute stint in the film was actually its only saving grace.

Cats will be in cinemas in Australia on December 26.

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