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The Single Men’s Drinking Club EP Launch

Written by John Ritchie on April 12, 2010

The Single Men’s Drinking Club is pleased to announce the launch of their debut EP.

From the press release:
Melbourne band The Single Men’s Drinking Club is a disorderly and un-showered quintet reminiscent of The Bad Seeds, The Triffids, The Drones and The Beasts of Bourbon.

A collection of cast-offs and ne’re-do-wells from exploded projects such as 16 Millimetre, Black Guns, The Mime Set, The Fakes and The Joint Chiefs of Staff the Drinking Club is made up of a bunch of pissed off musical misfits joined together by a story of lost love, violence, death and debauchery.

Following a raucous East Coast tour with brutal Japanese orchestra Vampillia and rapturous nights with Australian rock luminaries like Rob McComb (The Triffids), The Night Terrors and the Black Eyed Susans, the Drinking Club sobered up just long enough to produce, press and distill a 4-track EP for your discerning enjoyment.

With heady overtones of distorted guitar and throaty organ, a distinctive and pungent aroma of electrified violin and a full bodied rhythm section providing a warming yet powerful punch, this collection of songs serves as an eye opening introduction to the pub-philosophy grandeur of The Single Men’s Drinking Club.

The band will launch the EP like projectile vomit onto the assembled masses Friday April 16th at The Supper Club in Oxford St, Sydney.

There will be a strictly limited run available for purchase from gigs and The Single Men’s Drinking Club website.

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