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The Teskey Brothers Announce Details Of New Live Album

We have details on that spicy new live album from The Teskey Brothers. Yup, they’re currently in the middle of their livestream tour, which has seen them share exclusive live sets in lieu of actual live shows.

So far we’ve received: ‘Jealous Guy’ (a John Lennon cover), ‘San Francisco’, and today, ‘So Caught Up’. They recorded each of the performances at The Forum in Melbourne over a sold-out, four-night soirée.

The Tesky Brothers chose to record the performances on analogue tape. Sam Teskey said, “We thought we’d try and record a live album with a tape machine, which is madness, but that’s our format so it’s the way we wanted to do it.”

We’ll be receiving the live album from The Teskey Brothers on Friday, 15th May. It’ll be on all the normal digital places and available on limited edition vinyl and CDs. Pre-order here.

Catch the tracklisting down below and have a listen to ‘So Caught Up’. Anyway, here’s some GIFs the brothers shared with us.

The Teskey Brothers’ ‘Live At The Forum’ Tracklisting

Available Friday, 15th May via Ivy League Records

1. Let Me Let You Down

2. Carry You

3. Crying Shame

4. Say You’ll Do

5. So Caught Up

6. I Get Up

7. Rain

8. Jealous Guy

9. San Francisco

10. Honeymoon

11. Paint My Heart

12. Louisa

13. Pain & Misery

14. Hold Me

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