Photo: Nick McKinlay

The Teskey Brothers Have Announced A Livestream Tour

The Teskey Brothers have taken the recent phenomenon of artists live-streaming performances amidst the coronavirus outbreak to a new level, as they’ve announced a complete virtual tour.

Confused about how that works? Let us break it down for you. Starting from tonight (Wednesday, 1st April) the band will be streaming various live performances across YouTube and Soundcloud.

Tonight’s show will be a cover of John Lennon’s ‘Jealous Guy’, recorded as part of The Circle Session. Throughout the month, they’ll be streaming recordings of their original tracks ‘San Francisco’ and ‘So Caught Up’ taken at their recent show at The Forum.

They’ll be releasing stems for their tracks ‘Rain’ and ‘Hold Me’ on Soundcloud, while giving fans a chance to have a live chat with the band.

Finally, in May, the band will be giving us a complete live streamed performance, akin to what we’ve been seeing with Isol-Aid festival and similar live streamed events.

It can be difficult to wrap your head around, but basically it means we’ve got a stack of content from The Teskey Brothers to look forward to while we continue to isolate.

Head to the band’s social media for more information, and check their post on Facebook below.

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