The Ting Tings Avoid “Cheap Nasty Hits” On Second Album

NME has reported that The Ting Tings aren’t looking to take any shortcuts on their second album Sounds From Nowheresville, due for release on February, 27, 2012.

When Speaking to The Guardian, the musical English duo suggested they’d rather sell less records than gain airplay by writing radio-friendly “cheap nasty hits”, as the band put it.

Not pulling any punches the Ting Tings said, “We would rather write songs that nobody’s going to hear than write dance tracks that would fit on the radio after David Guetta,” with singer Katie White driving the point home, “I’d rather puke on my own feet than that.”

For those of you lucky enough to have forgotten, David Guetta is behind such brain-melting dross as Sexy Bitch featuring Akon.

Fellow band member Jules De Martino added in total agreement, “It would have been so easy to quickly bash out any old shit off the back of the first album. Get it on the radio, have a cheap nasty hit. And we didn’t want to do that.”

Interestingly, De Martino also mentioned that The Ting Tings only seem able to produce worthy content when they are emotionally low. Saying that a happy record could alienate fans.

“We can only ever write anything when we’re down. Who wants to hear an album from an artist that’s happy? Because the content line tends to be: I’m sitting on a beach, how’s life for you? And right now a lot of people’s answer is likely to be: well not very good actually, we won’t buy your record.”

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