There’s A New South Park Movie Coming This November – And Another In December

South Park fans rejoice – the first of 14 movies from messers Trey Parker and Matt Stone will be coming to screens next month, the first fruits of a $900 million deal with the Parmount+ network.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporterthe pair confirmed that over the next seven years there will be 14 “made-for-TV-movies” on the streaming service, with the pair planning on pumping two out per year.

“We’re trying to make what’s on Paramount+ different from anywhere else, so hour-long made-for-TV movies are where our head is at. We’ll do two made-for-TV movies every year. They will be big, but they are not quite movie scale,” said Stone.

The first of these mini-films South Park: Post Covid will premiere on November 25th, with a follow-up set to arrive in December, just in time for Christmas.

“It’s the boys dealing with a post-Covid world. They’re just trying to get back to normal,” Parker said.

“So, it is like our show. We’re just trying to get back to normal.”

The pair went on to add that, despite an increasingly charged cultural landscape, they wouldn’t hold back when it came to crossing any lines or avoiding controversy if the time called for it.

“We have been waiting to get canceled for 30 years,” Stone said.

“It changes who is involved with it. But we have been dealing with this shit the whole time we have been making the show. And we can’t complain. Things have been going fine for us. It gives us fodder and gives us something to talk about.”

In addition to the movies, the pair have also committed to another six regular seasons for Comedy Central, so don’t expect regular programming to ease up any time soon.

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