There’s Now An R.I.P Taylor Swift Mural In Melbourne

UPDATE 22/07/16: The ‘RIP Taylor Swift’ mural in Melbourne has been painted over yet again, with the likeness of Kanye West and the words “murdered Taylor Swift on Snapchat” added to the artwork.

UPDATE 21/07/16: The ‘RIP Taylor Swift’ mural in Melbourne has already been painted over, but the artist behind the original artwork says someone else is behind the meme-ified new version.

ORIGINAL STORY: It’s a new thing but it seems to have become a rule nonetheless: Nothing is real until it’s made into a mural in Melbourne. And now, the mural has spoken again, confirming the demise of former pop-Princess Taylor Swift with a savage posthumous tribute.

Serial offender Lushsux seems to be behind the piece, which sprung up while we were all immersing ourselves in this warm and bubble sensory deprivation tank that’s been #SwiftGate, known to some as #SnakeItOff. In a short but effective message it reads “In Loving Memory…Taylor Smith 1989 – 2016.” Lushsux, by the way, you may also know for this Kim K street mural.

Yes – that’s right. Taylor Smith. It would seem the artist has tip-toed around the hyper-active Taylor Swift legal encampment with the replacement of a few letters. That said, there’s no confusing what’s gone down here. Lushsux took to Twitter to invite mourners down to the mural to leave some flowers and light some candles.

The mural suggests what many of us suspected, that the once golden-child of the media has fallen from grace after clashing antlers with the King and Queen of social media themselves, Lord and Lady Kardashian-West. Read all about that here.

Even though it’s on a wall on Melbourne’s Hosier lane, these things have a habit of going global. After the court public opinion plunged in the knife, the mural slowly twists the blade while maintaining eye contact.

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