There’s A Petition To Get Savage Garden Back Together

Iconic Aussie band Savage Garden last toured in 2000, but that hasn’t swayed the hopes of some of their biggest fans (including Keep Sydney Open Director Tyson Koh) that they might for some reason decide to reunite at Meredith Music Festival this year.

As The Music points out, Koh has launched a petition calling on Meredith Director Woody McDonald to try and secure the legends for this year’s event.

Koh realises that it would take something seriously special to reunite Darren and Dan, but thinks that if it ever happens that Meredith is the place.

“Obviously it would take a lot to get Darren and Dan back together, but I thought where I would want to be if such a miracle were to occur, and that place is the Sup’ at Meredith,” Koh tells Music Feeds.

“It’s a festival that embodies and celebrates Australian-ness like no other, and I want to hear those songs under the sky, until it falls down on me,” says Koh. “For the band, obviously they could sell out any arena in the country several times over, but I think playing Meredith to an adoring, appreciative and alternative crowd would be a special way to get back in the game and ease them into renewed success.”

Savage Garden first formed in 1993, and took out a massive 10 ARIA awards in 1997, the year of their debut album. They broke up in 2001, but last year released a compilation album titled called Savage Garden: The Singles to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band’s formation.

So if you want to see Savage Garden rise to the summit of Australian music once again as truly, madly and deeply as we do, then do the right thing and sign the petition here. Your country will thank you for it.

UPDATE: Darren Hayes says Savage Garden have “zero plans to ever reunite”.

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