These Are Paramore’s Five Best Songs, According To Hayley Williams

In the midst of promoting her new solo record Petals For Armour and advocating for the Black Lives Matter movement, Hayley Williams has taken some time out on social media to reveal her top 5 Paramore songs.

And * SPOILER ALERT * you may not see eye to eye. Or Brand New Eyes to Brand New Eyes. I’ll stop.

Jumping on a bandwagon trend of Paramore stans listing their top 5 fave tracks from the band on Twitter, the pop-punk trailblazer turned pop experimentalist weighed in with her own list, revealing that 2017 album After Laughter is her unparalleled favie with numbers 1-4 of her top ranked tracks coming from that LP.

Her top 5 Paramore songs are:

  1. Told You So (After Laughter)
  2. Hard Times (After Laughter)
  3. Pool (After Laughter)
  4. Rose-Colored Boy (After Laughter)
  5. Caught Myself (live) (Twilight soundtrack)

Yes, interestingly, scraping in at number 5 is the live version of Paramore’s 2008 song ‘Caught Myself’ off the damn Twilight movie soundtrack, No ‘Decode’ though, sorry fam.

This prompted one fan to shared a clip of Paramore performing ‘Caught Myself’ live, to which Hayles replied: “yup. this is why it’s in my top 5… cause the guys sound dreamy and i get to wail and flail to it”.

The singer also gave honourable mentions to another song from After Laughter, closing track ‘Tell Me How’, but added that she still can’t listen to the super emotional tune herself. ‘Hate To See Your Heart Break’ from the band’s 2013 self-titled album also made the honorable nods list.

Pop punk nostalgics were clearly dissatisfied with the singer’s preference for new-era Paramore, pushing for what her top 5 would be sans music from After Laughter.

Surprisingly, our gracious angel obliged, listing all tunes from Paramore’s 2013 self-titled LP instead:

  1. Future (live)
  2. Crazy Girls
  3. Fast In My Car
  4. Last Hope
  5. Aint It Fun

“Basically, the last 2 paramore albums are our best. nooo contest,” she said.

The queen has spoken.

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