This Aussie Festival Promoter Puts The Blame For Bad Ticket Sales Squarely On Tony Abbott

There’s a lot of reasonable things to blame current megalomaniacal Australian overlord Tony Abbott for. Not being able to marry someone with the same junk as you. Having a new #QandA think-piece crop up on your news feed every morning. Not being able to look at onions the same way and generally being embarrassed to be an Australian in 2015, are all solid things to point the finger at Tones as responsible for.

But one Australian festival promoter has a new one, blaming the PM for poor ticket sales at his Great Southern Blues Festival. I mean, sure. Why the fuck not?

Talking to themusic, head honcho of the 18-year-old Narooma music and arts festival Neil Mumme says Abbott’s ongoing fear mongering and “unrelenting dialogue on terrorism” is the reason ticket sales have dropped on the two years since he took the Iron Throne.

Pointing out that he believes the Prime Minister’s “nightly” tirade on terrorism and death cults and the like are making people less likely to go out “to the football… festivals or just moving about doing the things we like to do” and directly impacting those who make a living off such events.

“Everyone’s saying the world’s not in a good place right now, and I’m just over this crap,” says Mumme, voicing a concern many of us have when Tone’s mug pops up on our screens. Over. It.


You can find out more about this year’s Great Southern Blues Fest at their website.

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